oh my GAWD i just put out an actual album

About 8 months ago, my senior capstone professor informed our whole class that "you're all better than that musical comedy bullshit that Jonathan Coulton is making money doing". Well, well, well... Look who's laughing now. 

In true DIY artist form, I am absolutely over the moon elated that I've sold a whopping 7 copies of my album since it's release 19 hours ago on Christmas day. 

Every single person who has listened to my music and laughed at it is my best friend ever. 

And, ya know, if you're reading this and thinking "Hey, that sounds like something I'd like to listen to and potentially add to my music library", then you're fuckin IN LUCK, my guy. Here it is. Go crazy. 

My suggested price for the album is $3, but feel free to enter the code "eggnog20" for 20% off at checkout. Also please feel free to pay $67 for the album. Whichever sounds best to you. 

If you can't afford it but REALLY WANT IT, email me at carlymeyersmartinmusic@gmail.com and I'll send you all the mp3s for free, no questions asked. xoxo. 

Y'all are the rockstars of my goddamn heart. 


Carly Martin