i'm doing it! apparently!!!

WHOA, okay, okay, okay. 

I'm feeling very overwhelmed with the past weekend. I recently played my first Seattle show at a wonderfully warm and cozy little comedy theater called The Pocket. 

I booked the damn thing back in October, and have since been nonstop promoting the shit out of it. All my Facebook friends probably want to strangle me at this point, so I'm thinking I'll lay off social media for a while. All this being said-- the house was FULL, y'all. Like, the theatre employees apparently had to pull in extra seating. W H A T  T H E  F U C K ? ? ? ? 

If I'm being entirely honest with all of you, I maybe sort of advertised my show on Tinder and OkCupid. Just a little bit. But don't worry, I'm not a shameless asshole (yet). The plug was hidden in the depths of my bios on both platforms, so someone would REALLY have to think I was hawt as hell to read through the entire thing, including the first sentence (which explains that I'm a rape survivor), get to the part of my bio about my show, and still have enough of a boner at that point to BUY A FUCKING TICKET to see my 10 pm musical comedy show. 

Whenever people find out I do musical comedy, I see their life flash before their eyes. It must be terrifying to find out someone you enjoy/respect/have any semblance of positive emotion toward is also a comic. Because, like, most comedy is really fucking embarrassingly bad. Like, go with me here; imagine the hottest person you possibly can. For me, that person is (unfortunately) Zayn Malik of former 1D fame. If our buddy Zayn did musical comedy and sucked at it, there is NO WAY I would find him attractive anymore. Nope. Spark gone. 

Anyway. Here we are. And I'm so glad you have stuck with me. Here's to more awkward shows full of random dudes from eHarmony. 


Carly Martin