what am i doin here?

Yay! Here I am, publishing my first post on my first legitimate big-girl website. 

When I was younger, thriving in the throes of the advent of the internet, I assumed that you had to really be a big shot to have your own website. Oh GOD, was I wrong. The mere existence of 4Chan is proof enough. 

I decided that if some sweaty pubescent nerd on YouTube can tell me, "change the lipstick colour i cant fap", the absolute least I could do is create a website for myself one entire year later. You know, to really *~show him*~. By the way, if YouTube user "mike johnson" is out there, my most sincere thanks to you and all the other commenters who say things like "kill yourself" and "feminism is cancer". You're all my biggest inspirations. <3 

With that out of the way, it is with great joy that I publish this blog post and my website for public consumption. I'm sure you're all flocking to subscribe to my channel and like my page on Facebook as I type this. 

warm cinnamon dream hugs, 


Carly MartinComment